Frequently Asked Questions


What edits do you offer?

I offer a High Impact Edit, approx. 10-15 minutes in length, a Documentary Edit, approx. 45-60 minutes in length and a 1 minute High Lights Edit, ideal for sharing on social media

Do you require a meal on the day?

If I stay past dinner I do ask that you arrange a hot meal for me with your venue. Bar food is ideal.

Do you have back-up equipment on the day?

Yes I do! I normally shoot with 2 Cameras on every wedding, so I have duplicate gear (camera, lighting and audio) should anything go wrong.

How long will you stay at our wedding?

I film from bridal preparations until 10:30pm. Our packages cover 12-hours of filming up to 10:03pm. More hours can be purchased if they're needed.

Do you license the music in your wedding videos?

Yes, I license, credit and pay for all the music used in my wedding videos, because it’s the right thing to do.

Do you charge for travel outside Gauteng?

The first 100km is free, after that we calculate a travel fee based on distance from our studio in Germiston, Gauteng. Mileage is charged approx 125c/km.

What is your filming style?

I'm a crossover between Documentary and Lifestyle, sprinkled with some Cinematic magic. I developed my style from the ground up, with the aim of being as unobtrusive to your day as possible while still getting the shots and content that will result in a heartfelt and beautiful wedding film. There is nothing quite like a Present Moments wedding video.

Skilled in photography, but decidedly a video-only service, I am an expert in working with and alongside your photographer, creating in tandem to bring your vision to life.

How soon will we get the videos?

We aim to have your videos delivered to you within 6 weeks of your wedding day.

Do you offer DVD's?

I generally don’t recommend DVD quality as DVDs are not capable of displaying HD images.
Do you put all of your wedding videos online?

Most 10 min. High Impact Edits I make public as it helps me show future couples my work. If you have specific privacy concerns please let me know during your enquiry and we can discuss further.

How do you deliver the videos?

I deliver your wedding videos in HD on a USB flash drive.  You can back up your wedding videos and archive it as you wish, and can view your film wherever your USB flash drive can be connected.  Most DVD and Blu-ray players, games consoles and TVs, desktop and laptop computers have a USB connection.

All files will be .mp4 format.This file format is compatible with pretty much everything.

How do we book you?

Woohoo! The first step is to check my availability. If I'm available, a deposit of R5000.00 will secure your date.

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